The JDMIS has deep connections to members of the jewellery industry in manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors. By reviewing their requirements and feedback about employment and management issues, the JDMIS is able to tailor its courses and the directions its students take to ensure maximum relevance to the current job market.

Regional, Industry Wide Survey

In 2011 JDMIS has begun a survey of the jewellery industry in the region with the dual purpose of establishing human resource statistics and building connections to facilitate JDMIS student internships and provide a highly effective and inexpensive recruitment channel to the industry. Personal interveiws with managing directors and human resource directors are currently underway in Singapore and abroad, the salient results of which will be communicated back to the industry and to JDMIS students and alumni.

Employment Opportunities

The JDMIS is establishing connections with retail jewelers, manufacturers, design houses and entrepreneurs willing to provide employment to qualified students who show potential.The JDMIS also provides corporate (staff) training to the local and regional branches of best know international jewellery brands and often receives requests from local and international firms for designers, retail specialists and other positions. Interestingly, the school's most entrepreneurial students who now own and operate their own jewellery brands also come back to the school looking for talented individuats to join their growing teams!

Human Resource Networking

The JDMIS offers fee-free recruiting services to members of the industry seeking educated and capable staff for entry level and middle-management positions within sales, marketing and operations arenas as well as those seeking design talent.
For students that wish to establish their own businesses, the JDMIS also provides links & connections to entrepreneurial organizations and firms that can assist with financing and outsourcing.

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