Techniques learned in Fashion Jewellery Design at JDMIS Singapore

Are you ready to expand your artistic repertoire and take your skills to the next level?

The next level of fashion jewellery techniques focusses on Intricate Wire-Weaving styles. You'll be able to create jewellery that is delicate yet impressive, with techniques that are as refined as they are therapeutic to practise.

Course outline

Professional Flat Weaving Techniques

Professional Flat Weaving Techniques

A popular weaving style that allows you to create comfortable, flexible patterns. You'll learn to use strong materials (e.g., steel wire) which will never degrade or break. These materials provide you with professional alternatives to the low quality elastic cord that is used in many improperly manufactured jewellery. You can explore hundreds of colour and pattern combinations with this technique.
Professional Fancy Weaving Techniques

Professional Fancy Weaving Techniques

Light and airy, this style has a Celtic flair that is much loved by those who appreciate a delicate look and feel. Despite the initial challenge of mastering this technique, fancy weaving quickly becomes a joy for the jewellery artist to practise, and a beautiful piece for the recipient to wear. By using a variety of materials in different combinations, the creative possibilities for this technique are endless.
3-Dimensional Weaving

3-Dimensional Weaving

Advanced weaving techniques let you go beyond flat designs to produce stunning three-dimensional creations. These techniques are used not only for jewellery, but also for fashion accessories for handbags, cell phones, dress and shoe straps and much more. Although challenging at first, the versatility of this syle is sure to expand your creative options.
Wire Crochet for Jewellery

Wire Crochet for Jewellery

Experiment with Wire Crochet using traditional single and double stitching techniques, as well as chain and slip-stitch patterns. Learn to eliminate kinks and weave beads in for dramatic effects. Discover a beautiful style that has been gaining in popularity throughout the years.
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