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Are you are an artisan entrepreneur looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your work? A jewellery company employee needing to implement commercial techniques for in-store repairs? A hobbyist looking for the best training available? Studying Fashion Jewellery with the professionals means less trial and error, a better understanding of the quality of components available, and superior products for your clients, customers or friends and relatives.

The third level in fashion jewellery techniques focuses on wire working techniques; always ensuring your designs maintain professional standards worthy of premium pricing and that you use your time and materials effectively - you can do amazing things that will take others years to figure out. Extend your creative possibilities even further.

Course outline

Wirework Chain Designs

Wirework Chain Designs

Learn to effectively plan your materials combined with chain to create the optimum length and design within the required customer length. Anyone can cut short lengths of chain and connect all the parts together to make a common and standard looking design but in this class a series of steps will allow all options to be deliberated and a livelier and more interesting result achieved still within the prescribed length.
Wirework Planning and Grouping for Efficient Production

Wirework Planning and Grouping for Efficient Production

When grouping sets of beads on eyepins it is important that they all lay perfectly in sync. Alignment is the key and knowing which sections must have the right alignment. This is a fascinating challenge which produces an elegant and much loved necklace presentable at the most elegant of events. Understanding the planned steps and the limitations, with practice this masterpiece can be produced within 40 minutes.
Jig Fabrication & Component Creation

Jig Fabrication & Component Creation

Use Jigs for Accurate Repeatable Wire Parts. Learn how to use wire jigs to make precise wire shapes that can be used as bracelet parts, clasps, earring hooks and more. Experiment with Celtic, Egyptian, Aztec and modern geometric patterns. Learn when to use the Jig verses creating hand made component parts and produce professional Clasps, brooches, earring posts and mirror image embellishments with ease.
Professional Wire Wrapping Techniques

Professional Wire Wrapping Techniques

Wire wrapping techniques can accent or cage unusual materials in soft wire to create distinctive design opportunities. Understand the benefits of wire wrapping, over the already mastered wire-work. Secure wrapping techniques for pieces with and without holes allowing creative expression using many unique objects. Innovative finishing variations add to the singularity of these designs.
Professional Wire Coiling Techniques

Professional Wire Coiling Techniques

To add elegance and diversity to designs, you will then explore Wire Coiling, a technique used both in history as well as many contemporary designs. Use these skills to create linked coil necklaces, bracelets and accessories.
Endless Style Stringing Techniques

Endless Style Stringing Techniques

Advanced knotting designs help you understand how to best combine very different materials, when it is suitable to perform partial knotting, and how to produce long, elegant opera- and satoir-length necklaces with imperceptible joins. This seamless necklace also allows wearing in different styles making it most versatile.

Student reviews:

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    This jewellery making techniques have improved my skills that I can produce good quality fashion jewellery for personal and future sales.

    - Loke H. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Go for it. Uncover new knowledge and skills which you have not tried out before. (I'm going to) make my own jewellery and also make jewellery to sell.

    - Gek Ping K. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I have enjoyed the Fashion Jewellery Design course very much. It is the only one I have done so far. Very professional teaching and we are given good technical knowledge for future professional venture.

    - Lamy C. (France)


Tools & materials

Price is inclusive of hundreds of natural materials, genuine crystals and top-quality findings, as well as a full-set of tools and design boards.

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