JDMIS Leaning philosophy - learn efficiently, at your own pace, and practice from home!

Tanja and her team are serious about ensuring JDMIS participants both enjoy and benefit from their experiences at the school. These fundamental principles guide our curriculum development, training delivery and every aspect of our training!

Participants to work at their own pace to reach their objectives.

From day one, JDMIS’ unique curriculum allows learners to accumulate credit towards a diploma, regardless of the time it takes to reach that goal.

Learning is fast, focused, effective and fun.

The classes of JDMIS combine the most recent technology with years of classroom teaching experience. Participants gain a comprehensive set of skills that formerly took years to master. Emphasizing productivity, the JDMIS curriculum allows people to begin creating immediately without tedious lectures or uninteresting ‘practice’ activities.

JDMIS courses provide unrivaled value.

We emphasize practical hands-on learning with professional techniques and materials of the highest quality. Those wanting to become independent jewellery designers will quickly gain the necessary skills, experience and knowledge needed for success. Professionals working in the jewellery industry recognize JDMIS as a resource center where knowledge is deepened and career opportunities are revealed.

Keep your skills up-to-date from home.

Each course is designed to allow learners to practice and improve their skills without needing to work in a jewellery factory or lab. By including tools and equipment, covering accessible techniques and encouraging creative experimentation, you can put your skills to use immediately.

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